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Fishy Slip And Falls And Workers’ Compensation Premium Increases

Workers on a shop or manufacturing equipment floor understand the possibility of leaked lubricant and the likelihood of falls, but in New York, workers' compensation claims could be made more difficult by two developments.
The first is a study released by the industry-related National Insurance Crime Bureau, finding that slip and fall cases in New York City may have been made with questionable intentions, including those for workers' compensation benefits claims. New York City joins Las Vegas, Chicago and Philadelphia among the top metropolitan areas.
Any increased likelihood for fraud will make insurance companies even more leary of paying off workers' compensation claims, and as we've already discussed, they are more profitable if they can deny a workers' comp claim.
The other development is that due to businesses taking a hit on employment, the insurers are becoming more selective in who they underwrite. This can make it difficult for a growing company or a new one to effectively find workers' compensation insurance from a reputable company. Even if a company is required to, this extra difficulty can add hassles that may not bode well for workers if they need to make a future workers' comp claim.
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