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Fireworks Are More Than Just Holiday Entertainment

Workers in manufacturing facilities often know that not handling volatile chemicals properly can lead to explosions. We’ve written about the top risks for workplace injuries, but in Dutchess County even spectators had to watch out.

Fireworks at  a minor league baseball game went awry after a shell malfunctioned. The rack came apart and two spectators were injured as shells went into the stands rather than above them.

Fishkill Fire Inspector Steven Van Buren said that the malfunction was not the fault of the pyrotechnicians, but some attendees are still worried about the effects and the frightening feeling of being fired upon.

While none of the employees at Dutchess County Stadium were injured, it’s a fact that explosions or electrocution is one of the top seven hazards as compiled by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. And while fireworks may not come to many people’s mind as a safety risk, the sheer number of displays this summer could increase the risk.

But maybe the bright lights will help employees remember how quickly a worker’s compensation claim can be needed when the smallest of changes occurs in a system. In fact, even public utility workers can find themselves at risk, and not just because of live wires. High voltage, as many know, can lead to accidents like the one in Buffalo that injured three.

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