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Our most sincere thanks for an excellent job.

Dear Markhoff & Mittman,

You did an excellent job representing [client] in his Social Security Disability hearing. There are no words that can properly describe the thanks that we owe you for your professional representation before the Judge. Your thorough hard work paid off with the positive findings by the Judge and disability award.

I am not sure that you or anyone else can truly understand how important this disability award was. It will go a long way to help restore his dignity, self-confidence and financial security. In fact, this favorable award is probably the best medicine he has gotten in years. His attitude has already improved now that he has a certain financial future and knows that he will have good medical benefits.

You have performed as promised in a professional, insightful manner, always keeping the best interests of the client in mind. The fact that you remained the direct contact during this process was so important to him and helped gain his trust and confidence. You were able to take a difficult client with a complex medical case and put it into proper presentation to meet the difficult requirements of Social Security and satisfy the demands of the Judge to enable him to render a favorable finding. Your case preparation and coordination with our doctors put forth an appeal before the Judge that could only result in a positive finding.

Our most sincere thanks for an excellent job.