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Education Proven Necessary to Reduce Workplace Misbehavior

Due to the recent headlines involving Brett Favre as well as other prominent, public figures acting inappropriately while on the job, employers are stepping up to prevent similar workplace incidents from happening in their companies. Even the NFL has been putting reminders out to players about acting appropriately on the field and the locker room.

What’s Been Happening?

There are multiple ways employees violate behavior codes outline in the employee handbooks. Sexual harassment, bullying harassment, inappropriate remarks, and improper use of workplace computers or phones are common in many workplace environments. Unfortunately, out of fear or misinformation, many workers do not report the incidents to their superiors. There is fear of being retaliated against or not finding sufficient help to end the behavior. People are afraid to speak up out of fear of losing their job or status within the company.

What Needs to Be Done

Employees should have some form of handbook that informs employees what is expected of them in the workplace and what constitutes inappropriate behavior while on the job. Employers now need to take a look at their guidelines and bring them up to date to cover new trends like ‘sexting’. Employers also need to review the guidelines with individual employees and not take for granted the rules are being understood. A no-tolerance policy needs to be instituted and enforced regarding harassment and inappropriate behavior.

Education is Essential

Education for both employers and employees is an essential component of keeping the workplace safe for every employee. Understanding the potential consequences of inappropriate actions in the workplace can be achieved by better employee training and educational seminars. As times progressively change, updated rules and training need to be reviewed and implemented on a regular basis.

Without proper education and guidance, employees and employers are more susceptible to becoming victims of inappropriate, harassing, or even violent behavior in the workplace. If you have been victimized or injured while on the job do to the inappropriate behavior or actions of another, you need to seek a consultation to protect your rights and best interests. You can contact our offices at 1-855-614-4351 or filling out our online form.