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Don’€™t Walk Your Way Into Chronic Pain

Working in a busy environment can possibly lead to a wide range of on the job accidents. These accidents, even the minor ones, can lead to chronic and long-lasting injuries that can keep you out of work.

There are many injuries that are common to certain industries like construction workers who fall from heights, manufacturers who get cut, and chemical workers that get burned. But some injuries are common in just about any job environment. Walking into objects may be one of the most common.

Injuries that occur from walking into things can be serious and endanger anyone’s health and ability to work. For instance, in busy warehouse with forklifts moving and busy schedules employees can be prone to walking into the shelving units in order to avoid the forklift or other job hazards. An even worse scenario might be the employee walking directly into the path of a moving forklift.

The resulting injuries can be devastating to the workers involved both physically for the injured party and mentally for the one causing the injuries. It certainly will be a situation that calls into question the safety of the work environment, especially if the incident was caused by someone else’s negligence.

Walking into a materials and objects on a work floor is very common and can lead to long-lasting medical consequences. These injuries can happen fast and the subsequent side effects may not even be felt right away. In this case, a worker who continues to perform while injured may suffer even more.

If you have been hurt on the job due to walking into objects in the work environment, it is important to protect your rights from the very start. Consult with our office for free by calling us toll free at 866-205-2415 or using our online confidential contact form. It is in your best interest to protect your worker’s compensation rights and ensure you and your family are taken care of now and in the future.