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Don’t Get Whipped Around By Your Employer for Whiplash Injuries

You might have just had an incident at work or an accident on the road during your driving duties for work and don’t think too much of it. You feel a little unusual but after the work day is over and you go home, suddenly you can barely move your neck and the pain begins to grow. This may be a sign of whiplash. It’s a serious injury that can get even more serious if you don’t seek immediate medical help.

Too often people will disregard a jolt to the neck or body until the injury becomes too much to bear. If this happened to you while at work, you may end up in double trouble with a debilitating condition and no job to speak of to support your medical bills. Problems with your neck, shoulders, and upper back in general due to whiplash may leave you unable to accomplish even the most minor job duties.

This is where it can get tricky. Your priorities should be medical treatment and protection of your rights as an injured worker. The complications of whiplash can take its toll and without a job, you likely will not be able to pay for your continuing medical treatments. Don’t continue working with whiplash and if your injury occurs while driving for your employer you should request a trip to the hospital for a thorough examination rather than drive back to the office.

Whiplash may not often be considered a major work related injury and may not be as obvious as a broken leg or arm. However, the reality is the damage to your upper body, particularly your neck can leave you in rough shape, now and in the future where you job is concerned.

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  1. Dr. Teshmar The Whiplash Injury Guy

    Our cervical spine and the head are an complex system, which works together to maintain our ability to walk, sit and move around. This is the cause, that let people easily be injured by an car accident, especially when rear ended. The idea to use simple painkillers how it was recommended by the WAD rules, I do not support. In my opinion it is much better to use a perfusion to ameliorate the circulation in the injured muscles. In my opinion, with three personal whiplash injuries, it is very important to take every whiplash injury or neck injury earnest, especially in the first two or three month, and treat it seriously. This is because there is a possibility to prevent a more serious outcome. I believe, that we have to concentrate on an effective diagnosis and treatment, in order to regain the victims’ health. How one can achieve that I explain it in my e-book.