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Don’€™t Fall into a New Career by Accident

Some on the job injuries that result from reactions to a trip or a slip while on the job can be very painful but some injuries can literally leave you looking for a new career path.

Serious injuries like broken hips, shoulders, arms, and legs lead to chronic pain and ongoing medical treatment that leave you unable to go back to doing the job you held previously. Those working in the construction trades and manufacturing are just as susceptible to these serious on the job injuries as people who work in an office. A broken arm can put a secretary out of work as fast as it could a tradesman.

Remember too that in addition to the fall injuries you incur, other injuries are also possible due to the human reaction when the feeling of falling takes hold. We automatically will reach out to protect ourselves and can end up with multiple injuries like severe cuts or other broken body parts.

Falling or tripping at work is often due to the negligence of others and even a wet floor not properly marked by the cleaning crew can leave you in the cold, looking for a new line of work. Plus you will likely need time to recuperate from your injuries that can leave you without sufficient pay.

It is important, no matter how minor the incident at first appears to be, to understand your rights if you need to file a worker’s compensation claim down the road. Contact our office today to discuss the events that led to your injury. We offer a free consultation and a toll free number where you can contact us. Dial 866-205-2415 or use our confidential online form for more information.