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Don’t Be A Workers’ Comp Victim: Show Your Employer This

Workers’ compensation benefits recipients know the value of workplace safety firsthand, but if you want to know how to look like a star in your own office and save your boss some money, read on for some tips on how to minimize workers’ compensation issues.
Binghamton is one city that’s saving about $900,000, or more than one-third of last year’s budget allocation on workers’ compensation claims in New York. They focus on workers’ compensation insurance programs that focus on helping employees get back on their feet as quickly as possible, and they’re taking a strong look at how to improve workplace safety.
That means not looking the other way when public employees don’t wear the recommended gear such as hard-hats and weight-distribution belts, and training by a safety specialist in some cases. Admittedly, the programs may have some initial productivity declines, but employers end up saving in the long run.
After all, benefits can continue to be needed years after the original incident. Employers can take a look at the newest maximum workers’ compensation benefit that took effect July 1 and add up how much they could lose (for one worker it could be as much as $38,000). You can also look at our guide for managing workers’ compensation insurance.
But if showing this to your boss doesn’t keep you from getting injured on the job, you can still get help in figuring out the claims process by contacting Markhoff & Mittman, P.C.