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Does An Aspirin-a-Day Really Keep the Doctor Away?

Has your doctor told you to take an aspirin-a-day?  Have you heard that this, in addition to an apple a day, keeps the doctor away and helps prevent heart attacks and stroke?  Do you think it helps other ailments that are the cause of you taking many days off from work?  Well, be aware before you pop that little pill in your mouth!  A recent study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, reports that this everyday regimen can pose serious health risks, including bleeding in the brain and stomach.

How do you know whether or not taking a daily aspiring is right for you?  Of course, the best way is to talk with your doctor.  Only you and your doctor know your medical history, your personal risk factors, and your overall health in general.  That being said, here are general guidelines coming out of this new study.  Interestingly, there are different recommendations for men and women. 

~ Over 80?  Do NOT take aspirin at all because of risk of bleeding
~ Are you a woman under 55?  Aspirin would not be for you!
~ Are you a man 45 or younger?  Aspiring would not be for you!
~ Are you a male between 45 and 79 with a high risk for heart attacks?  Keep on taking that aspirin!
~ Are you a woman between 55 and 79, at risk for strokes?  Keep on taking that aspirin!

Again, it is important to speak with your doctor.  Aspirin will keep blood clots from blocking blood flow to our hearts and brains, yet it can also cause serious internal bleeding — often you are not aware of the internal bleeding until damage has already been done.  Individual cases vary greatly.  Experts agree that women who have already had a stroke and men who have already suffered a heart attack should definately be taking aspirin.  They also agree that the decision of whether or not take a daily dose of aspirin must be made on an individual basis – it is not necessarily something that we all should be doing regularly!