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Doctor Fees to INCREASE in NY Workers Compensation Cases – FINALLY!!!!


For the FIRST time in Sixteen (16!) years the New York Workers Compensation Board will implement new fee schedules for Health Care Providers treating injured workers in New York.

Highlights include:

– 30% increases in evaluation and managment services
– allowing chiropractors to bill separtely for mulitple modalities
– rules for Medical Treatment guidelines and rules

Well, this is all good, but the New Medical Treatment Guidelines seem to limit treatment and require the doctors (and lawyers and injured workers) to fill out more forms and follow more new bureaucratic procedure!!!!

Stay tuned for more information!!!!!

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  1. Brian

    Best way is to go to the wcb site with the link provided, attached to that link are multiple links that discuss billing issues and so forth. Out of state drs. are generally goverened by the customary and reasonable expenses in their area.