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Do You Check Your Medical Billing Statements? You Should

One of the basic rules of good personal finance involves checking your banking and credit card statements each month as they come in. You are looking for accuracy and any signs that your personal information has been compromised. Not only does this good rule of thumb apply directly to your finances, you should also be checking your medical billing statements regularly, especially if you are seeing a doctor more often such as during a worker’s compensation situation.

There have been ongoing incidents and lawsuits involving fraudulent billing practices of physicians across the nation. While there are worker’s comp recipients that have been known to fraud the system, there are also concerns about the doctors who are stiffing the system and their patients by overinflating their bills. They are either recommending unnecessary treatments in workers comp cases or adjusting prices on treatments. In some cases, doctors were found to bill for services they never even provided.

While you may not be able to protect the worker’s compensation system yourself, you should be remembering to be diligent about looking over your statements to make sure what you are being billed for is what actually occurred. Don’t hesitate to contact the doctor’s office for explanations on anything you don’t understand or which doesn’t add up. You may not have to financially cover all expenses related to your worker’s compensation claim but if there is fraud involved, you may end up paying much more than cash.

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