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Disabled while on active duty? Take advantage of expedited disability claims processing

Military service members injured while on active duty on or after October 1, 2001 are eligible for an expedited disability claims process at the Social Security Administration.  It is important to note that wounded military members can receive SSDI benefits and military pay at the same time.


SSA has set up a special page for so-called “wounded warriors” with questions and answers and information about how to apply for Social Security Disability.  Disabled military personnel may apply for disability benefits at any time while in active military status, or after discharge, whether they are still hospitalized, in a rehabilitation program or undergoing out-patient treatment in a military or civilian medical facility.


One important difference to note is that the definition of disability for military service members is different than the definition of disability for veterans’ benefits.  You can read the SSA definition of disability as presented to military members by clicking here.


Social Security Commissioner Michael Astrue stated, “I want to assure the brave men and women of our Armed Forces and their families that they will not have to wait for these needed benefits. Expedited processing is just one way Social Security can show our military personnel how much we appreciate their service in defense of our freedom.”


We completely agree, and thank our brave men and women in uniform for their service in the name of our country and our freedom.