There was a recent story on autism showcased in the Los Angeles Times which details the rates of autism starting to skyrocket in recent years among children. Now that the medical professionals are seeing more cases of autism than ever, they are beginning to wonder if the number of cases hasn’t changed  – that perhaps there has always been autism present in children who went into adulthood undiagnosed.

Autism is a medical condition which affects a person’s behavior socially. People with autism have difficulties accomplishing ordinarily simple day-to-day tasks and do not interact with people effectively.
When dealing with autism, there are several different spectrums where people can range, meaning some cases will be more severe than others. Those who are affected more seriously by autism issues may not be able to keep a job or perform essential tasks necessary to remain employed. In the cases where autism is more pronounced, a person may not be able to work and will subsequently need to apply for Social Security disability benefits.

For adults who have undiagnosed autism since childhood, there may be some relief to know that symptoms they are experiencing are not just in their head. More doctors may be open to an autism diagnosis for adult patients that exhibit certain behaviors. With a certain diagnosis, those with autism may now be able to get the help they need when they cannot work.

There will also be a need for autistic adults to receive benefits as they age and their parents pass away. Adults with severe autism will need a way to have care provided as they age and disability may be their only option.

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