Since the creation of the postal service, people have happily sent one another packages through the mail. That service has grown and now many companies offer shipping services that will deliver packages of almost any size right to the recipient’s front door. In turn, this had created a demand for workers who are willing to spend their days delivering those packages.

This job may seem easy enough, but the job comes with many hazards that can not only end a career but can also put a hardworking New Yorker’s financial safety on the line.

Hazards Faced Daily While Delivering Packages

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As any driver will tell you, this job can be a dangerous one due to:

Heavy Liftingdelivery driver lifting a heavy box

Packages aren’t always light and the majority of workers are required to do their job alone. This means that they have to lift every single item that is being delivered. All it takes is one wrong move and lifting can injure the spine, knees, ankles, or muscles.

Exposure To Elements

Did you know that many delivery trucks, like UPS trucks, don’t have heating or cooling systems? This means that in the summer, workers are expected to spend their day in extremely hot temperatures with no relief and of course, extremely cold weather in the winter. This can cause dehydration, burns, exhaustion, and frostbite.

Auto Accidents

Many companies reward their drivers for good driving, however, this doesn’t mean that other drivers on the road won’t cause an accident. Even a minor accident can cause injuries like brain trauma, spinal damage, broken bones, and lacerations.

Falling Objects

In order to make the most of a space packages are typically piled up on top of one another. If the pile isn’t stable, those packages may come tumbling down on top of a worker, causing a concussion, breaking bones, or causing crush injuries.


People ship valuables all the time and even if they have insurance to cover the cost if a package is lost or stolen, that doesn’t keep workers who are loading and unloading trucks safe from those who would steal those items.

Poorly Maintained Property

In order to deliver packages, workers usually have to set foot on many different properties in a single day. Ice, snow, broken stairs, broken handrails, potholes, and a variety of other hazards can cause the worker to slip and fall.

Just recently, a UPS worker sued Cornell University after he was injured when a broken stairway gave way as he was delivering a package to a fraternity.

Workers’ Comp Is Often Key To Stay Financially Safe

However a worker is injured, they should be able to file a workers’ compensation claim which is meant to provide them with coverage of their medical bills and in some cases, a portion of lost wages. Unfortunately, as many workers find out, denials are common.FedEx delivery van

Insurance companies will issue denials for simple reasons like a mistake made on the claim form and although these denials can be appealed, the appeals process is long and complex.

The Disability Guys have been helping hardworking New Yorkers for decades. Our legal team combines their experience, love of the law, and passion for helping those who need help the most to fight for our client’s rights.

In addition to helping our clients navigate the world of workers’ comp, our firm also helps clients identify other forms of compensation. Depending on the circumstances, a client may be able to pursue compensation through a Social Security Disability claim or a personal injury lawsuit. These claims can be made alongside the workers’ compensation claim and could potentially provide the injured worker with additional compensation for lost earnings, physical pain and suffering, and even emotional trauma.