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Deadline for 9/11 Workers to Register for Workers Comp Approaches

The NY Workers Comp Board released a press release this week reminding all 9/11 workers that the deadline to register for workers' comp is this Sept. 13th – only a little over a month from  now. 

In his statement, Chair Robert Beloten commented, "I urge each of these heroes who performed that important work to register his or her service. They should do it for themselves, and for their families.  Workers’ compensation is insurance for medical care and a cash benefit if your ability to work is impaired. It is vital that workers preserve their eligibility for insurance that will benefit themselves and their families, even if they are not now injured or ill.”

Please share this information with family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.  If you have any questions,   would like any additional information or a WTC-12 form,  visit the website.