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Could Harlem Bus-Ambulance Crash Bring Workers’ Comp Claims?

In the wake of a horrific accident like the one in Harlem where up to 19 people may have been injured, the most important thing is to hope that everyone is receiving proper medical attention to minimize the future impact of any injuries they may have received after an ambulance collided with a bus.

The next is to consider options for those whose injuries may have resulted from traveling on the bus while they were doing their job. This could include people who are couriers or salespeople who travel as part of their job, among a variety of other circumstances.

It was a chain reaction crash at 125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Blvd, and authorities reported that a car struck a New York Fire Department Ambulance, propelling it into a bus.

Among those injured were emergency medical technicians, and in all six people were injured, though none seriously. This is a key instance where these poor souls may have recourse outside of health insurance.

It’s on-the-job injuries like these that become workers’ compensation cases – average workers often need  help determining the right course of action depending on their specific needs. If you have had an injury either travelling for your job or to or from work and have questions, contact workers’ comp attorneys at Markhoff & Mittman for a FREE evaluation.