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Construction Worker Files Lawsuit for Back Injury in Ferry Accident

The Staten Island Ferry made headlines last week when it crashed into the dock upon reaching Manhattan Harbor.  While investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board are still looking into the cause of the accident, one of the victims, Flabio Silva – a construction worker – is planning on filing a $5 million lawsuit agains the city for back injuries resulting from the crash.  He was one of about 36 people injured; other lawsuits will likely follow.  In addition to lawsuits, many are likely looking into workers' compensation benefits as well.

Many "regular" Staten Island ferry riders were surprised to learn this ferry was the same one involved in the 2003 crash which killed eleven people and injured about a dozen more.  The 2003 accident was caused because the pilot fell asleep at the wheel; the boat suffered extensive damages from impact as it slammed into the terminal at full speed.  The ship was completely repaired and refurbished and has been back in service for some time.