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Concerned About Liver Disease? Eat Dark Chocolate

Concerned about developing liver disease?  Or, have you been diagnosed with liver disease?  Ask your doctor about the latest research coming out of Spain – a prescription of dark chocolate might be the answer!

Latest research suggests that dark chocolate can help individuals who suffer from liver cirrhosis and from dangerously high blood pressure in their abdomen.  Why?  Dark chocolate contains strong anto-oxidants which reduce blood pressure that increases in the liver after eating – the increased blood pressure has been linked to damage in liver blood vessels. 

The study was addressed at the annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of Liver in Vienna, Austria.  As word of the study spreads and other studies are implemented we're likely to hear more about the benefits and this new development in the treatment of liver cirrhosis.

If you are suffering from liver disease or any other disease which is causing you to miss an extended amount of time away from your job, be sure to look into your workers' compensation and/or disability benefits