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Car Wash: Dangerous Jobs in America

Busy car washes can be a hazardous place for workers who need to direct their attention to the job at hand. While car wash employees are busy detailing the customer vehicle, there are many other vehicles on the move which pose a serious risk to the health and safety of pedestrians on the pavement.

The recent injuries incurred by a New York car wash employee hurt on the job after he was hit by a Lexus SUV is just one example of how workers who spend time around moving vehicles are putting their safety at risk each day they show up for work.

While the employee was not killed in the latest story, many workers do lose their lives after accidents involving vehicles. Whether the driver had a medical emergency, didn’t see the victim, or was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol it is not yet known. However, there have been many injured workers who suffered injuries when drivers simply made a mistake.

There have been headlines where drivers hit the wrong pedal or was blinded by sunlight and ended up hitting a pedestrian on the roadside. Unfortunately in many cases, drivers have failed to stop at the scene of such accidents because they do not realize they have hit someone.

Highway workers, car wash attendants, and even crossing guards put their lives at risk each day by working around moving vehicles. It is important to remember basic safety rules on the job but also to maintain a constant sense of alertness to avoid being struck by vehicles, especially when drivers are unable to see you. Employers should use proper warning signs to let drivers know where pedestrian workers are located and post speed limits in the work environment.


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