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Buffalo Mayor Determined to Identify False Claims of Worker Injuries

Mayor Byron W. Brown of Buffalo, New York is determined to identify police and firefighters who are falsely claiming to be injured on the job siting instances of those who then receive full salaries and benefits while working second jobs.   "The increasing cost to the city of injured-on-duty employees collecting full workers' compensation when, even if it’s legal, it isn’t always right," commented Mayor Brown. 

The mayor wants to address situations of injury claims by those who then go golfing, run a business or serve as community activists. He wants to curb the practices of those who go from doctor to doctor so that they can go injured on duty every couple of years for six months or more at a time, and wind up with more money as a result because they make more injured than working for lack of Social Security, Medicare or income taxes. 

In New York State, a person has to come off injured-on-duty status voluntarily and then apply for lower disability payments. The mayor wants to launch investigations to crack down on abuses.  He needs to negotiate with unions  to change the rules – to see about getting those who are  â€œinjured on duty” for 12 months with no chance of returning to full duty be required to switch over to state disability.