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Are You A Brooklyn Resident Unable To Work Because Of An Injury or Impairment?

Alleging that you are unable to work is only half the battle with a Social Security Disability Case. Millions of disability-recipient-hopefuls will apply for benefits in 2010 and only a select few will actually be awarded disability benefits. Simply stating that you are unable to work or only providing a doctor's statement that says you are disabled is not enough these days. You must be ready to prove your disability with the right evidence and if you have to appear for a hearing, you should be prepared to provide the right testimony that will allow a Judge to grant your case.

In the state of New York, once your application is submitted, it takes about 3-5 months to get a decision. If your application is approved, you will start receiveing benefits within a few months. If you are denied and you appeal your case, your claim is transferred to the hearing level. If you live in Brooklyn, you are in luck. The Brooklyn hearing location is currently ranked among the most efficient hearing offices in the country. Once your case is sent to the Brooklyn hearing location, you want to make sure you are ready for your hearing. Consulting with a qualified disability lawyer is a great idea in planning for your hearing. An attorney who understands the laws and is familiar with the disability process can only increase your chances of success.

At the hearing level, a disability Judge is going to review your file and make a determination on whether or not you are disabled. The most important part of your case is going to the medical support.  You must be prepared to show the Judge, through your medical records, what injuries you suffer from and how it affects your ability to hold down a full time job. If you do not have medical records, you will lose your case. However, it is important that you have the CORRECT medical records to prove your case as well.

This question can best be answered by a qualified disability lawyer. No attorney can ethically guarantee any kind of result, but they can determine whether a case is a strong one or not. By analyzing the medical support, testimony from the claimant and other pieces of evidence, an attorney can quickly determine what issues will arise in the case and whether they can be overcome.