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Properly Treating A Back Injury

Back injuries and impairments are one of the most common claims for disability benefits. Whether they are the result of a car accident or a gradual deteriorating condition, a bad back can have a serious impact on one’s ability to perform in the workplace. The most popular form of treatment is pain medication. For many people, curing a bad back might not be feasible, but pain medication can relieve or mitigate some of the pain. Some people even treat with pain management doctors who prescribe epidural injections or recommend physical therapy. There is no guarantee that any treatment will work, but for some people, the right therapy can lead to a full recovery.

Pain medication and physical therapy are not the only options. Treating with a chiropractor has become increasingly popular over the years because of some of the results they have been able to achieve with people suffering from back injuries. Chiropractors are well trained practitioners who specialize in treating the back. They can get to the core of why people have pain in certain areas and they might even be able to recommend a course of therapy that might resolve a person’s backpain in total.

On June 1st 2010, Markhoff & Mittman is proud to present the first of two Live Disability Webcasts that will focus on treating a back injury. Joining Managing Partner Brian Mittman and Associate Attorney Scott Daniels will be Dr. David Kreshover, a board certified chiropractor with over 10 years of experience.  Dr. Kreshover is director of Uptown Chiropractic in New York and will be discussing the various types of therapy a person can seek when attempting to treat a back injury.

To view this upcoming show on Blogtalkradio, or listen to any of our archived live disability webcasts, CLICK HERE.