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Broken Gear Can Lead to Big Time Medical Costs

Have you been working in a potentially hazardous job environment and have concerns about the equipment you are provided for safety? If so, now is the time to speak up. If you don’t, you can face serious consequences both health-wise and financially.

We have seen many injured on the job cases were the employee was provided with the safety gear necessary but the gear itself was not in proper working condition. In some cases, the faulty personal protective equipment, or PPEs, was in such bad shape it caused additional injuries to the employee.

Employers should provide a clear outline of the PPE that is required for on-site work including the when, where, and how. Training should be provided to ensure the safety of all employees but in many cases we have seen that is certainly not the case. As more companies look to downsize expenses, it is often updated safety equipment and equipment evaluations that are the first things to fall to the side, leaving employees at increased risk for accidents and injury.

Oftentimes it is the employees doing the job that understand exactly what is going on and how equipment is not as it should be long before an accident occurs. It is advisable to speak up and let management know what is happening and what needs attention. It can also help for you to keep a time table of what, if any, actions have been taken towards repairing or upgrading personal protective equipment. If an incident should occur, especially to you, you have a record of the attempts to secure better protective equipment.


You should not be putting your health or your life on the line due to lack of solid and operational personal protective equipment. If your injury on the job could have been prevented if better equipment was accessible, you need to consult with our office to discuss your situation. There is no excuse for faulty safety equipment on the job and you should not have to pay for your employer’s mistakes. Contact us toll free 866-205-2415 or through our confidential online form.