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Attorney comments on Brian Mittmans book

“Attorneys who genuinely care about their clients and have the necessary expertise are hard to find, but easy to spot,” says New York personal injury attorney Neal Goldstein about Mittman.  “In writing 5 Deadly Sins That Can Derail Your New York Workers’ Compensation Case – Avoid Them and You May Have a Shot at Receiving Benefits!, Mr. Mittman leaves no doubt that he is such an attorney.  Armed with experience, knowledge and compassion, Mr. Mittman has created a book that will guide employees through the often confusing process of seeking fair compensation for injuries which affect their job performance.”

Goldstein went on to say, “having the right workers’ compensation lawyer for my clients is essential.  This book is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Brian Mittman and his firm, Markhoff & Mittman, stand out against those who claim to practice workers’ compensation.”