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Are Chiropractors a Help or Hindrance?

When you are suffering from chronic back pain as a result of an injury at work, you are likely to follow through on all of your doctor's appointments and are willing to follow the protocol prescribed by your physician in order to find relief and heal. For some injured workers, the treatment plan stops there and many still refuse to look outside the doctor's office for treatment options for their injury.

Case in point – a chiropractor has long been hearing the jokes and remarks about their career as not-a-real-doctor. There are many believe that treatment in a chiropractic office is nothing more than a luxury rich people can afford. Instead of seeking alternative solutions for managing pain and issues associated with back injuries, many completely disregard the capabilities of a chiropractor and stick only to a regimen of bed rest and pain meds.

There are many clients who did not discover the benefits of chiropractic care because they were unaware or due to the affordability of some treatments. However, in order to speed up the healing process and get back to work, physical therapy, regular massages, and pain management techniques can all be instituted by a chiropractor for better results.

If you are not sure of the care you can receive from a chiropractic visit or have doubts about the efficacy of such a visit, it may be beneficial to schedule at least one appointment to see what it is all about. There are many services that may help improve your injuries so you can return to work better than ever. When combined with regular visits with your physician, chiropractic care does have its advantages provided you are willing to follow through with the recommended treatment.


As there are many new developments for treating on the job injuries, it pays to keep an open mind about managing your injury and your pain through alternative therapies. If you have questions or concerns about what kind of medical costs you are up against with an on the job back injury, contact our office at 866-205-2415 for more information. You can also use our confidential contact form online.