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Anticipating the Best from a Cardiologist Appointment

Experiencing the symptoms of a heart attack or stroke can be a scary proposition. If you have had the warning signs of something wrong when serious chest and limb pain occurs, see your physician immediately or get yourself to the nearest hospital. It is likely you will be then referred to a specialist dealing with heart conditions.

A cardiologist specializes in evaluating, diagnosing, and treating heart conditions like strokes and heart attacks. You will have to schedule your appointment based on a referral from your regular doctor. Your first appointment will take about two hours or more depending on your health concerns. You will need to bring your medical insurance card, the referral slip, and your identification card.

You will need to fill out a new patient registration form so be sure to bring along your medical records so the cardiologist has a solid review of your past medical conditions as well as your current diagnosis from your physician. Any x-rays or other related documentation can also be helpful. Prepare a list of information pertaining to your past and current prescriptions including dosages if you can not bring the actual prescription bottles with you. It will also be helpful for the cardiologist for you to provide accurate information concerning your family history, especially related to heart issues.

The cardiologist will meet with you and will discuss your medical background. After the verbal discussion, you will receive a thorough physical evaluation. Depending on your symptoms and your other medical concerns, the cardiologist may order immediate testing. If nothing immediate is ordered, you may be scheduled for a follow up appointment and the doctor will discuss a proposed treatment plan for your future care.

A cardiologist evaluation may be a critical part of your overall medical care so it is one you should not put off or avoid. The conditions dealing with your heart health are often serious without much time to spare before real damage is done.