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A Look At Medications That A Psychiatrist Might Prescribe

Psychiatrists differ from psychologists in that they can prescribe and dispense medications for a number of conditions affecting one’s health and mental health. Psychiatric medications are also referred to as psychotropic and there are some common types being used to treat a multitude of mental illnesses.


Psychotropic medications affect the chemical levels in the brain which dictate behavior and mood. These medications have been used in the treatment of mental health conditions in both children and adults.


A list of the common medications prescribed by a psychiatrist include:



These medications help to relieve the symptoms and effects of depression. They include brand names like Prozac, Celexa, and Wellbutrin.



These medications are also called tranquilizers.



These medications are most often used to treat the serious psychiatric disorders including bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia. Common brand names include Haldol and Thorazine.



This type of medication is typically used as a mood stabilizer and includes brand name medications including Lithium. Anticonvulsants are also in this category.



This category of medication includes sleeping pills.



There are many kinds of medications in this category used to treat a lot of mental disorders including ADD and narcolepsy. Some common brand names include Adderall and Ritalin.


Many of these prescribed medications can be very dangerous if misused. Patients taking these medications will need to remain under a doctor’s supervision to ensure safety and good health. Abusing these medications can cause serious medical problems and can worsen mental health issues. Psychiatric medications often come with a list of side effects and other medical concerns. Patients will need to be properly evaluated by a medical doctor as well as a psychiatrist to ensure any prescribed medications will not be harmful.


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