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3 Tips to Prevent Workplace Injuries in Retail During Holidays

The holidays can be incredibly chaotic especially at shopping malls and department stores around the state. Consumers are in a different mode when trying to find the perfect gifts for everyone they know.

Employees who face the large crowds all vying for the same discounts and deals often end up suffering injuries in the raucous environment. In order to protect the health and safety of retail employees during the holidays, here are some tips to employ:

Execute Crowd Control

The mass of crowds present on Black Friday may not carry throughout the rest of the holiday shopping season but retailers planning outstanding deals should think ahead and employ temporary security to keep crowds in control. Use structured lines and post signs to keep customers from getting confused or frustrated. Having security around offers both employees and customers protection from those who get out of control.

Train Employees for the Onslaught

People who are new to the retail holiday sales and are hired seasonally should be properly trained to deal with massive crowds. By giving standards of operation and safety tips to new and existing employees, employers will also be giving preventative safety tips in the event things start to get out of hand. Employees will know how to act and how to react to chaotic situations. Employees should also be trained at the proper way to lift merchandise, utilize ladders for high shelves, and prevent physical injuries while helping other customers with their purchases.

Be Properly Staffed

Unstaffed check out lines can lead to customers getting to near-riot status as their waiting becomes frustrating. Be sure to have more than enough staff to handle the crowds at check out as well as to assist customers throughout the store.

Working in a retail environment during the holiday season can be risk, especially when the public is not in the holiday spirit. Be sure to report all injuries, large and small, as soon as they happen so you can get proper medical attention and documentation should you be unable to work due to your injuries.

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