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3 Reasons Your Claim May Be Denied

Many workers are under the false impression that all work-related injuries are automatically covered by workers compensation insurance. After all, what other reason is there for having this type of insurance if not to compensate employees suffering from workplace injuries? What many people do not realize is that the workers compensation system is more complicated than one might image. Nothing is assumed and many claims are denied before an injured workers sees one cent in compensation for their medical expenses or lost wages. To avoid having this happen to you, consider the following three reasons why workers compensation claims are denied.

Failure to report accident or file claim in a timely manner

If you have been injured at work, it is imperative that you report the injury immediately. Some people wait a day or even a week to see if the injury “gets better” on its own, which will open up many questions as to where the actual injury was sustained. Failure to report the incident in a timely manner as well as file a claim within a set period of time may result in the loss of benefits.

Negligent behavior

You’ve been injured at work, but whose fault is it? If the injury is the result of an accident caused by your inability or unwillingness to follow safety procedures, you may be in trouble. As a general rule, workers compensation does not judge whose “fault” an accident is, however it also doesn’t cover a person who flagrantly disobeys all safety rules or procedures.

Not understanding the claims procedure

Ironically there are some cases which will be denied for no other reason than the person filing the claim did not know and/or follow the proper procedure when filing the claim. This is where the help of an experienced workers compensation attorney works in your favor. Understanding the rules and proper procedure to file a claim, your workers compensation lawyer can get you results that otherwise would not be possible.