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$20,000.00 a year for widow of car service driver killed in a fight!

M&M recently obtained an ongoing weekly benefit for a widow of a car service driver who was brutally assaulted and died of his injuries. The widow will receive $20,000.00 a year for the remainder of her life or until and if she remarries.

The Insurance Company fought this case, claiming that the unprovoked attack was somehow brought on by the deceased and that it was not related to work. However, a thorough investigation and testimony during trial clearly demonstrated that the unfortunate victim suffered a brutal beating over a parking spot located in front of his place of employment (the car service storefront). Markhoff & Mittman attorneys were able to show that this altercation arose out of and in the course of employment, thereby allowing the widow to obtain a substantial weekly death benefit that equals over $20,000, tax exempt, each year.


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