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You may still need to find healthcare coverage even if you’ve qualified for SSD insurance benefits

If you find yourself needing to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, then you’ve already suffered enough.  The next indignity comes when you’re forced to endure the ridiculous amount of time that SSA needs to process your claim.  Next, your claim will likely be rejected for one reason or another, and you’ll have to file an appeal.  The frustration it seems is endless.

Unfortunately, there is one more issue that you need to be aware of.  If you are eventually awarded SSD insurance benefits that make you eligible for healthcare coverage under Medicare, you’ll need some other form of healthcare coverage while waiting for your Medicare benefits to kick in.

That’s right, even though you’re eligible for Medicare you still need to find some other kind of health insurance.  The fact is that Medicare becomes available to most individuals only 24 months – yes, 2 years – after qualifying for SSD insurance benefits.  During the time you’re waiting to qualify, you may need medical services to treat your disability and also to provide medical care to your dependents.  Not only that, but you may need to file updated medical exams with SSA to keep your medical records current.

Some options available are COBRA or other private insurance, drug assistance programs, switching to less-expensive generic drugs, and learning to negotiate healthcare costs.