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Workers Compensation Reform 2007 or 1962: What Changes Stays the Same!

Aside from dated language the following statement could have been heard during the debate over the 2007 New York State Workers Compensation Reform, but it was from an article in 1962!

"The attack {on the Compensation system} comes from claimants' attorneys, labor groups, some physicians. They say the Workmen's Compensation Board, on the excuse of streamlining operations and reducing the number of lawsuits over claims, is dealing to workmen off the bottom of the deck"

Wow! Streamlining the system! In 2007 and the subsequent regulations imposed on the system (the Rocket Docket – "Streamlined Docket Regulations") came to be, but could have been predicted in 1962!

The orginal founder of the current firm, Markhoff & Mittman, Abraham Markhoff, was interviewed for this informative article. While it is missing a few lines (sorry) take a read and remember, this is a half century ago!

1962 Occupational Hazards News Article: The Row Over Compensation