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What to Expect on a Visit to an Audiologist

As we age, we develop different health conditions including trouble with hearing. If you work in an environment that tends to be noisy, you can speed up the process of hearing loss and other complications. If you are experiencing trouble with your hearing, you may first visit your family medical provider who can refer you to a specialist known as an audiologist.
Audiologists specialize in hearing problems and disorders. In addition to treating problems with hearing, the audiologist may treat you for issues with your balance that can stem from problems in the inner ear.
If you have been referred to an audiologist, there are a few things you may wonder about the first visit and what to expect. Here are some things you should know:
Health History
Your audiologist will inquire about your past medical issues and your current hearing capabilities. It can be helpful to write down this information before attending your appointment so you are fully prepared to answer questions. You may need to ask family members for health histories you are not clear on to provide an accurate profile.
The audiologist will use an instrument called an otoscope to check inside the ear canals and the ear drum. A hearing test will then be administered to judge how well you can hear sounds at different levels.
Once the audiologist has gained insight into your hearing situation, they will recommend further treatment based on testing results. Some patients may need to use a hearing aid to deal with their condition. Others may require further medical intervention to treat problems causing hearing loss which may necessitate a referral to an ENT.
Hearing loss can be devastating to your work life. If you cannot hear properly, you may not be able to perform your usual job tasks and pose a safety risk to yourself and others. If you are experiencing hearing loss or ringing/buzzing in your ears see your doctor immediately.
If the hearing loss is caused by your job, speak with one of our experienced attorneys by calling us toll free at 888-799-3918 or using our online form for more information.