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Video of the Rotator Cuff and why it needs to be repaired

The Rotator Cuff – Shoulder Injury and Symptoms

Like most people, if someone tells me that they are having shoulder surgery, I immediately ask, "is it your rotator cuff". We hear about this everyday when professional sports stars have shoulder surgery, or even our neighbors kid. However, what exactly is the rotator cuff, why should we care and what needs to be done about a problem or injury to one's rotator cuff.

The video associated with this information blog is simple and clear, describing the shoulder anatomy, what the rotator cuff is and why it can be injured and the results of that injury. I have found that most people, including myself, rarely follow up and try to find out exactly what their doctor is talking about. Knowing what is going on with your body is important, and simple explainations like those contained in this video are a great help in learning how to speak to and sometimes question your doctor. This is not medical advice and no substitute for medical advice, but just like hiring an attorney, you should ask quesitons first and be fully informed before making a decision.

The Rotator Cuff Injury

Simply put, the rotator cuff consists of the muscles and tendons that hold the shoulder in place and allow you to move your arm. Therefore it is obvious that injuring this part of your body could have significant consequences, such as limiting your ability to work and do the sports activities that you like.

Some Common Symptoms of a Rotator Cuff Injury

Pain – generally the most common symptom – it can be generalized discomfort that worsens upon specifi movements of the shoulder.

Decreased Strength – difficulty lifiting objects above your head or just lifiting your arm

Difficulty with specific activities – reaching behind your back (to wash, clasp a bra, etc), sleeping on the affected shoulder, brushing hair

For more information on Rotator Cuff Injury see the rotator cuff tear article in

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