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Veterans push Congress to Revamp Social Security

Major veterans groups like the American Legion, Vietnam Veterans of America, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and Disabled American Veterans are urging Congress to fix what they perceive to be major problems at the Social Security Administration.  Veterans have cited issues like delayed disability compensation, ineffective job training, limited access to healthcare, and high home loan program fees as long-standing issues that must be addressed.


The country’s economic crisis may be just what veterans groups need to push Congress into action.  Things like faster processing of benefits claims, expanded healthcare coverage, and lower fees would all help veterans and their families struggling in today’s economy.


Healthcare is a major issue for veterans groups, as is eliminating the backlog of claims at SSA.  With some claims taking up to 2 years to process, veterans are desperate for reform.  Getting money and benefits to disabled veterans faster would help alleviate problems with homelessness and poverty, issues that disproportionately affect veterans.