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“Too much trust in your Doctor”

“But my doctor told me”
“My doctor didn’t tell me”

These are but a few lines I often hear from clients. Over and over I have seen an unquestioned faith in what a particular doctor has or has not told a client. Unfortunately, as I tell all of my clients, you are an adult and ONLY YOU make the ultimate decisions that affect your life. Your workers compensation case depends on the doctor and what he or she says. Without medical you can lose benefits. However, don’t be afraid to ask questions of your doctor.

Not asking a doctor a question, or not questioning a doctors suggestion can actually have an incredibly negative impact on your case. And if you do ask the doctor, “Can I return to work” or “Why not something else” can have an incredibly positive impact on you and your case.

A recent article in the NYTIMES confirms what I have often sene anecdotally. It makes an interesting read and certainly reinforces the idea that ONLY YOU make the ultimate decisions.

READ” “Faith in Physicians”



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