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The Right to Choose Your Healthcare Provider

Soon the right to select your own treating physician in a worker’s compensation claim may be permitted nationally.  A development in Iowa has ignited national interest in granting claimants the right to choose their own medical provider.

An interest group has even been formed on Facebook called, “Iowians for Workers Choice of Doctor.”  According to the group, “Life is about more than just work…In Iowa, if you are injured on the job, employers can decide which doctor treats you.  You choose what foods you eat and which exercise you do, but they can choose who is best to care for you.”

The bill was introduced as Iowa Senate Bill 1119. “Too much has been made of how much this is going to cost a company and not enough on how this affects an individual and their personal lives,” said Democratic Sen. Bill Dotzler of Waterloo.
Most states already have granted this right to their workers.  Studies have shown the employees who are free to choose their own doctor are more confident in their medical care and are more likely to have a full recovery.


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  1. Andy

    Like many other states… Injured workers in Texas have the right to choose their treating doctor. We’ve heard testimonials affirming the truth that employees who choose their treating doctor feel more confident in their medical care. Many suspect the company doctor to be too pro-employer.