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Speed or Stuck in the Mud: The 2008 Streamlined “Rocket” Docket Workers Compensation Regulations

Will Injured Workers Recevie Speedy Resolutions of their cases, or be Stuck in the Bureaucratic Mud!

At the Fall 2008 Injured Wokers Bar Association, I (Brian M. Mittman) presented an Overiew of the newly enacted Streamlined Docket Regulations implemented by the New York Workers Compensation Board on September 15, 2008.

The simple purpose of these regulations is to speed up the resolution of controverted (that is, contested or disputed) claims before the Board.

Unfortunately, while the intent is admirable and certainly needed in this area, often times the actual regulations and implementaiton can be counter to what is believed to be the desired results. With this in mind, I took a thorough review of the regulations and presented a power point presentation which attempts to provide a roadmap to the new regulations.

Whether you agree with the regulations or disagree, it is necessary for all parties involved (claimants, attorneys, Judges and Board personnel) to at least understand what we are dealing with so that we can proceed in trying to make it work or suggest appropriate changes.

Workers Compensation Benefits are designed as social legislation – what is right to help out injured workers!

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