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Scarsdale Police Officer Injured While Working Is Being Forced to Pay for His Own Health Insurance

A Scarsdale Police Officer is being required to foot his familiy health insurance (ten times his normal contribution) even though he is currently disabled and unable to work due to an accident in the line of duty. (see Hurt Scarsdale Police Officer by Richard Liebson – Journal News.) Imagine, you are injured while working, you are an officer, you are provided with salary to help you recover from your injury, and now the Department wants you to pay for your own health insurance – unfathomable!

New York State Law recognizes the significant role that Police Officers and other Public Servants (Firefighters etc) play in protecting society, assisting our communities and risking their lives by allowing those officers, injured in the line of duty, to collect their full salary for a period of time while they are out of work due to injuries sustained while working. This special acknowledgement falls under General Municipal Law Section 207-c where benefits of ongoing wages and medical care (and depending on the collective bargining agreement additional non-wage benefits) are to be paid:

…any member of a police force or any…city of less than one million population…who is injured in the performance of his duties orwho is taken sick as a result of the performance of his duties so as to necessitate medical or other lawful remedial treatment shall be paid by the municipality by which he is employed the full amount of his regualr salary or wages until his disability arisign thereform has ceased, and, in addition such municipality shall be liable for all medical treatment and hospital care necesitated by reason of such injury or illness…

This goes beyond the protections of the New York State Workers Compensation Law by providing full salary and medical care. This is certainly a well deserved benefit for those men and women who place themselves in harms way to protect us.