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Retired NY Police Officer pleads guilty to Social Security disability fraud

Retired police officer John Patrick Miller, 62, plead guilty to charges of Social Security disability fraud after stealing $144,002 in disability benefits.  The officer was working as a security guard at the same time as he was receiving SSD payments.  Miller claimed to be disabled and received Social Security disability payments from January 2001 until April 2008 while at the same time working as a security guard.


If charged, Miller could receive the statutory sentence for SSD fraud which is 10 years in federal prison.  However, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in White Plains, NY stated that he will likely receive far less prison time – if any – under the federal sentencing guidelines.


The spokesman added that Miller will have to make restitution of $144,002 as a part of his sentence to the federal government and potentially pay a fine of as much as $250,000.  In a similar case last year a New York man was required to make restitution of nearly the entire amount he stole and spend 6 months confined to his home while wearing an electronic monitoring device.