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Programs to Help an Injured Worker Return to Work

If you have been injured on the job and are ready to return to work, the Rehabilitation Bureau in New York has programs to help you.  This agency provides rehabilitation counselors and social workers who can help you get back to work.

When you are injured at work in New York, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, which will provide you with income during your recovery.  Benefits are paid through your employer’s insurance company and are designed to cover medical care and lost income.  New York law requires that employers carry workers’ compensation coverage to protect injured workers.

According to the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board’s website, some of the services offered to injured New York workers include the following:

• Provide assistance to injured workers to help improve physical capacity and early return to productive employment.
• Explain the details of the New York Workers’ Compensation process, including injured workers’ rights under New York law, to help injured workers return to work as soon as possible.
• Organize vocational rehabilitation services between insurers, providers, medical professionals, lawyers, employers and other parties.
• Communicate with employers regarding the injured worker’s job before the injury, including job accommodations.
• Contact unions regarding workers’ compensation rehabilitation issues.
• Ensure that injured workers receive needed job modifications, orthotic and prosthetic devices, equipment, home and vehicle modifications, special rehabilitation services, attendant care or funding for vocation services.
• Act as a liaison to monitor private rehabilitation programs.
• Coordinate vocational rehabilitation for injured workers who are out of state.
• Consult employers on issues relating to disability management, including light duty, alternative work, job restructuring and so on.
• Serve as resource for information regarding New York Workers’ Compensation rehabilitation services.

This agency also provides seminars and workshops to help educate employers, insurers and other professionals on New York Workers’ Compensation law.

As an injured worker in New York, you need to find out if you qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.  However, sometimes even if you have a legitimate injury and cannot work, your claim can still be denied.  If that happens, you need to contact an experienced New York workers’ compensation attorney who can help you receive the benefits you deserve.  The New York workers’ compensation lawyers at Markhoff & Mittman, P.C. can help you with every step of the process in obtaining workers’ compensation benefits.  Call our office today at 866-205-2415 or (866) 205-2415.  We have offices conveniently located throughout New York.