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People with Disabilities Awaiting Medicare Coverage Need to Know Health Options

About 46 million Americans went without health insurance coverage some time during 2007. The impact of not having healthcare coverage can be even more pronounced for the millions of individuals with disabilities. However, according to Allsup, a leading provider of Social Security disability, financial and healthcare-related services to people with disabilities, there are options if individuals understand the Social Security disability process and know where to look for support.

People awarded Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits eventually do become eligible for healthcare coverage under Medicare. However, Medicare is available to most individuals only 24 months after qualifying for SSDI benefits. In reality, the time frame is even longer because SSDI benefits are not available until five full months after the onset of disability.
During the interim years, a number of medical services may be required to treat an individual's disability and ensure he and his dependents are receiving necessary care. Additionally, simply getting through the SSDI application process requires furnishing the Social Security Administration with up-to-date medical records based on recent medical examinations.