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NY Assembly and Senate Proposed Bill Helps Support Injured Workers

The  Chairs of the Labor Committees in both the New York State Senate and Assembly are sponsoring companion bills to provide a  "safety net"  for some of the most vulnerable citizens in the New York State workers' compensation system – permanently totally disabled workers.

Senator George Onorato  is sponsoring S.2781 and Assemblywoman Susan John  is sponsoring A.2135  regarding how the Workers' Compensation Board determines permanent total disability under the New York Workers' Compensation Law.

This important legislation provides a way for the most seriously disabled workers to ensure receipt of benefits based on strict standards of Social Security Disability and New York Workers Compensation!

Read more at the NY Workers Compensation Alliance Blog!

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  1. Richard Rydza-mrsafetyman

    The most vulnerable people are injured workers. A previous injured worker myself with a total disability I have returned to school for a degree in occupational health and safety from RIT. I have worked in the filed of safety and see the baltant disregard for employee safety and the know risk employers are willing to take when ti comes to keeping thier workers safe on the job. I am glad to see soemthing out there that supports injured workes. Without a decent third party settlement usulaly there is never enough money left for the injured worker to have a decent life as they would have if they were working. See by the time comp is paid back, your 33% to your attorney, which you definitely need, and all other out of pocket expenses, you are left with less than 1/2 or 50% of an accepted settlement to live on. In mose cases settlement circumvent future medical care and that is when the Social security system is over burdened. The negligence of the employer is grave at times and the little amount they pay for premiums without usually any criminal penalty for intent is just appalling. We need lawyers ebcause the employer is not willing to give you what you rightfully need. We need to make sure that the employee will always recieve medical care for that injury. Thats the biggest part in all this. Secondly, its time to start handing out criminal complaints against employers and their managers/superviors who intentionally show disregard for worker safety.Its all about the money and getting the project done at all costs to them and they are never held accountable. Employers all show they have these great training programs with little or no follow through from the top and down. No safety culture at the top you certainly will not have it at the bottom and supervisory end. Lawyers fees should be paid for by the employer not the employee in these cases is another big step tha someone needs to make in these case. If it weren’t for my college educational endeavors that were difficult to finish disabled and my drive after so many thoughts and battles with suicidal thoughts and daily pain i probably would still be home on SSD. I actually had to sue my employer to let me back to work with an accomodation. Nice world we live in us people with disabilities.Sue them all I say!