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New York Recieves “C+” for Emergency Medicine

The American College of Emergency Physicians has given New York a grade of "C+" for the ability of the state's emergency medical care system to meet the needs of its residents.

New York recieved an "A+" for Public Health and Safety.  The state performed particularly well in "Annual per capita expenditure on hospital care," ranking third in the country.

The state recieved "B-" grades for both Access to and Quality of Care.  Contributing to this sub-par score was New York's ranking of 43rd in "Percentage of population with access to Enhanced 911 services" and 49th in "Number of emergency departments per 1 million people."

However, the state recieved a "D-" in the Medical Liability category.  Most of the Medical Liability grade was based on the $250,000 non-economic cap on medical malpractice liability.  This cap prevents plaintiffs from recovering more than a quarter-million for pain and suffering due to physician negligence.