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New Software Helps SSA Fast Track Disability Claims

It is no secret that some individuals unable to work because of a disability or chronic illness have to wait many months to start receiving benefits from the Social Security Disability (SSD) program.  However, improved technology at the SSA means that more fast track applications can be processed – great news for disabled Americans during this time of great economic need.


In 2008 2.7% of disability cases were fast tracked, but thanks to technical improvements about 4% of applications in the Quick Disability Determination (QDD) and Compassionate Allowance programs will be fast tracked.  This is expected to reduce the wait time for seriously disabled applicants from three or four months to a mere 10 days.


The technology used to fast track applications in the QDD program is a predictive computer model that analyzes data in electronic claims files to determine if there is a high probability that the claimant is disabled and that SSA will be able to quickly obtain evidence for their claim.  The Compassionate Allowances program fast tracks applications for applicants with serious medical conditions, some of which are terminal. 


Improved claims processing will not only help applicants more quickly get the benefits they so desperately need, but it will also free up agency resources to tackle the remaining backlog of SSD claims.