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ANOTHER FORM FOR MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS. The EC-4NARR is an electronic form that will allow medical practicioners in New York who handle Workers Compensation Cases to file their medical reports online and electronically. Thus going green, helping to elimnate paper, allegedly speed up the process and streamline the system (we shall see)

As part of the 2007 Workers Compensation Reforms, ALL FORMS have been modified for Medical Practitioners. While in the past there have only been a few forms, they have multiplied, but with the alleged intent to speed up the process. As part of this process the WCB has created an electronic form – the EC-4NARR which will allow a practitioner to not only file his or her report online, but when filing follow up reports supposedly have all the information already saved and there. (But the doctor must still provided additional information!).

There are strict rules for filing the web submission (including how to sign up for the program)

It seems that in order to fill out this form you need to sign up, so no sample is available!

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