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New and Revised Medical Forms for NY Workers Compensation – what is going on!

In an effort to implement the 2009 workers compensation reforms, the New York State Workers Compensation Board continues to roll out new and revised forms, including medical forms that doctors will need to fill out in order to continue practicing in the area of Workers Compensation (and to get paid).

Today the WCB issued another form, the C4-AMR, in yet another subject matter release 046-275 – this particular form is for ancillary medical services provided by non-treating sources whom do not wish to use a regular C-4.

The WCB also POSTPONED the January 1, 2009 (1/1/2009) mandatory start date. Medical practicioners now have until March 31, 2009 to revamp thier systems and start using the new forms. (See Subject Matter 046-273)

Of interest also is the fact that these new and improved forms, designed to provide more information and make it easier, have already generated 54! Yes FIFTY FOUR Frequently Asked Questions.

This is certainly an area on which I must provide additional information.