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More Money for SSD Benefit Recipients from Obama?

The US Senate has proposed that seniors receiving Social Security Disability benefits receive an extra $300 bonus as part of President Barack Obama’s economic recovery plan.


The $355 billion dollar plan was released by the Senate Finance Committee and will be voted on in a few days.  The Senate version of the economic recovery plan differs from the House version in that it contains this $300 payout for seniors, veterans, and poor people receiving Supplemental Security Income payments to the disabled.  Total cost of this part of the package stands at $17 billion.


The Senate proposal also includes temporary tax cuts for workers, tax credits to help pay for college, tax cuts for businesses and to promote renewable energy, and $87 billion worth of help to states struggling with their 2009-10 budgets for the Medicaid health care program for the poor and disabled.


Individuals receiving SSD insurance payments should find out by the middle of February what, if anything, they’ll be getting as part of this economic recovery package.