How much can you be reimbursed for mileage in Workers’ Compensation case in New York?

If you have to pay out of pocket to travel to and from a doctor due to a work related injury,  you can receive a reimbursement (whether you travel in  your car, you pay a friend, you take a taxi or travel on the train or bus!). Each year the New York State Workers' Compensation Board adjusts the amount of reimbursement per mile based on the State standard for government workers. Below is a year by year list, including 2008 for reimbursement rates.

BE SURE TO KEEP TRACK OF YOUR MILEAGE! You should keep track of all visits to doctors, therapists, insurance company exams and the like. Be sure to list the date of travel and the round trip mileage, taxi expense or type of travel (subway, train, bus). You can use this C-257 form. Questions?  Contact our office for a FREE consultation.  One of our attorneys will be happy to speak with you.
Effective Date Rate
(Cents Per Mile)

Travel Reimbursement Rates
Effective Date Rate
(Cents Per Mile)
1-1-82 23
2-27-89 24
2-20-90 26
1-1-91 27.5
1-1-92 28
1-1-94 29
1-3-95 30
1-2-96 31
1-1-97 31.5
1-1-98 32.5
4-1-99 31
1-1-00 32.5
1-1-01 34.5
1-1-02 36.5
1-1-03 36
1-1-04 37.5
1-1-05 40.5
9-1-05 48.5
1-1-06 44.5
1-1-07 48.5
1-1-08 50.5
7-1-08 58.5
1-1-09 55
1-1-10 50
1-1-11 51
7-1-11 55.5
1-1-12 55.5
1-1-13 56.5
1-1-14 56




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