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Is your employer committing workers’ comp fraud?

It’s shocking but true – New York area employers are cheating the State Workers’ Comp fund of between $500 and $1 billion dollars each year.  If that’s not enough to get your blood boiling, then wait until you find out what they’re doing – and the effect it has on the benefits you receive if injured.


If you’re a construction worker in New York, it’s possible that your employer has reported your job title to the State as “clerk”.  This means that they’re paying a much lower premium to insure you.  How about this – some companies underreport the wages they pay to save money, or they’re classifying employees as independent contractors to skimp on premiums.  They’ll even try to pay you cash to keep your job and your wages off the books completely!


What does this mean for you?  Well, with less money going into the State fund, premiums have to be increased for honest businesses in order to cover all of the workers’ comp payouts.  It also means that you might receive less money or reduced benefits if you’re injured on the job.  That doesn’t sound fair, does it?


Are you a New Yorker concerned about your on the job injury or problems with your workers’ compensation claim?  Please contact us to find out how we can help protect your rights and get you what you need.